TN Govt. Wants to Link Aadhaar Number to Social Media


TamilNadu govt. wants to link our Aadhaar Number with Social Media accounts and as the court has rightly warned, it violates the citizen’s fundamental Right to Privacy.

First they said, Aadhaar is for empowering citizens, now they are coming for total state surveillance. How is surveillance an empowerment to citizens?

Obviously, they want to conceal their motive of Surveillance under the name of National Security, Fake News, etc., since it will be appealing to the large number of people who are not educated about the functioning of Democracy.

Countering Fake news requires kindling Scientific Temper and Inquiriry into citizens through various programs (like for example, the website YouTurn, AltNews) etc.,

Govt. of Kerala is conducting programmes in Schools teaching children how to spot fake news.

Software Freedom Law Center (SFLC) has also organized various program across India with respect to understanding mechanisms to countering Fake News.


What purpose the government is doing this? If they publish my adhar photo in my FB page means everyone will get scared. I don’t want to scare anyone. So please guide me to avoid this.


Aadhaar is not a Photo Identity Card. It is a unique number for everyone. This unique number can be associated with multiple things that you do and to profile all of your behavior. Now linking Aadhaar with Social Media account means at any given time, any individual’s behavior on a particular social media can be picked and analyzed including one-to-one private messages, groups you are member, etc.,

History has repeatedly showed us any entity that holds such data has used it for suppressing and killing of one group or the other. The genocide in the case of Holocaust by Nazi’s in Germany under Hitler is best example of Unique Identification and Surveillance.

Dissent is fundamental for a healthy Democracy. Silencing dissent is counter to it and paves path to Totalitarianism.


You must be joking. You are referring to our own photograph taken and printed on the Aadhaar card, right.


Any sources related to the title of this article?


There is a link to business-standard news article in the post itself.

Quoting from the article itself,

Social media profiles should be linked to users’ Aadhaar number to check terrorist messages, pornography, and fake news, the Tamil Nadu government told the Supreme Court on Monday.