Tools & Examples 😎


dudes who are really interested in geography, and the information systems associated with it would have already used FOSS tools like :

and several others are yet to come. Even they are diversed each one does their roles and have proper overlaps with some of their functionalities that facilitates ease of interfacing.

in case of GIS, and with the open data revolution, we have awesome sources of data founting from institutions or collaborative projects. One can use both of the resources effectively to make the

now what can one do with such tools ???

umm… here are something that one can do with qgis + osm + open data alone… all credits goes to them

  • Digital Elevation Model rendered by QGIS, with data from SRTM overlayed on the granicules

  • Elevation profiling

  • Isoline generation (vector data from raster data) - contours representing the elevation

  • Overlaying OSM data with the underlying elevation map (not shown) after querying OSM server and getting the data locally

  • GRASS based visualization of particular granicule of SRTM data

  • 3D generation using GRASS 3D option to view the elevation profile over the area…

  • Elevation isolines and OSM data are overlayed in QGIS

  • Above stuff in 3D using Three js - locally. One can see the awful error in the OSM data contributed

  • guess where is this hill ?

  • Stripping TN data from Natural earth data + overlaying with granicule

  • Elevation data masked for TN from SRTM

  • Generated contour (GRASS in QGIS)

  • Separating Trichy

  • OSM + Natural earch data for Trichy alone

  • Rendering Trichy locally in the installed Tileserver light

  • Tested for load… over interent… with very few clients…

  • The whole thing… for further projects …