Torchie - Volume Button Torch Android App goes Free Software


Torchie - Volume Button Torch (Android app)

Free Software under GNU GPL v2+ license

Hello great people!

About two months ago, myself along with my brother made a (somewhat innovative) torch app called Torchie to access flashlight with the press of volume buttons anytime. It got a nice introduction into many languages (except English where people write blogs for money) by various websites and blogs.

At the same time, I was getting random messages from various people to make Torchie available under Free Software license.

I too had a great debate in FSFTN Telegram group once. I was reluctant at first because I was much worried that what if Torchie’s code goes into some already popular torch apps (which are already spywares by big-data companies) making it more popular, leaving out this little fellow (i.e Torchie which is so infant still) piled up along with thousands of other flashlight apps in Android world.

Later I learned about various FLOSS licenses and their right to claim copyright infringement. With satisfaction, I hosted the project in GitHub public repository now under GNU GPL v2+ license.

You can download the app from

  1. F-Droid (or)
  2. Android Play Store

Source code can be found here.

Everyone is welcome to fork the project and make contributions! Thanks for reading! :slightly_smiling:


Congratulations @anselm94 and I am very glad that you chose GNU GPL license for your work.

I am just curious to know why the app requires the Camera permission? I would definitely take a look at source code to know, but before that if you could give a brief explanation about what you are trying to do with those permissions I could follow that lead when I explore the source code.


@prashere Flash is a part of camera device. So, flashlight can be accessed only through camera. You can see this permission in any flashlight app. Check this StackOverflow answer :slightly_smiling:


Great work @anselm94 . I will use this app.


really nice and your demo video explains more. great work