Trichy GLUG Meetup


This meetup could be considered as the initiation of Trichy GLUG by Ramaseshan S.
Speaker:Ramaseshan S.
Topics:Free Software Philosophy,Why Free Basics shouldn’t be accepted.
The meetup consdered of around 10 people with visitors for Karai GLUG who graciously accepted to join us on our first meetup,A big thank you for that. The discussion also considered of a topic on how to sustain a GLUG in a non Metropolitan city where people tend to move out as soon as they finish their studies.

It would be greatly appreciated to hear your opinions about this matter as well.

Signing off for now,
Roopak Suresh.


A Good Initiative.First, try to form a group with the active people and prepare an agenda i.e the Things to do for the next 6 months.Set up a goal for the GLUG and reach out where it should be after 6 months.If you need any help regarding the progress of the GLUG such as Sylabbus,Agenda,Calrifications,write to us at and
Convey the progress of the GLUG through
Always be ready with the next level of people if you think that people tend to move out after studies :wink:


It would have been good if you had posted some notice of this meetup before it actually happened. I know people in Trichy who would have been interested in attending if they had known about it.


@arunissac I have PM’ed you the Telegram Group Trichy GLUG link. Could you ask them to join the group. We can then keep them more informed. And this was a suddenly planned event, since my plan of visiting trichy was too random. sorry for not letting know.


Will do…

No problem. I also meant it more generally applicable to anybody organizing events. I get to know of many events on this forum only after they have happened.