Various Digital Manifestos


One can find a comprehensive list of various Digital Manifestos .

This is a terrific treasure resource . It might take even days or months to read all of them . But its worth a read to know about the manifestos as they will help in understanding various movements around the world . Additionally , when we try to rewrite FSFTN manifesto and GLUG manifesto they will be of immense help .

I got to mention the source which lead me to this info. Its an interesting project and its discourse implementation .

There you can find more manifestos specific to maps .


What are the general parts of a Manifesto :

  • Why do we need a manifesto
  • References

From - A Cyberpunk Manifesto

  • What we - are , assert , choose , believe , stand against .

From - Guerrilla Open Access Manifesto

  • Explaining the issue and ending it with a call to join .

With enough of us, around the world, we’ll not just send a strong message opposing the
privatization of knowledge — we’ll make it a thing of the past. Will you join us?

Upon reading the manifestos all are welcome to edit the same .