Vector & Matrix - Decentralized & Federated Usable Free Software IM


So for a long time, we have been trying to explore a lot of alternatives for the proprietary IM’s that we use.
XMPP and IRC looked promising, but for some reason it didn’t take off and we still cried with the same old IM’s.

So for a long time, we have been looking at a user friendly alternative with multiple clients (Web, Smartphones, etc).

Recently we came across something called Vector (Based on Matrix)
A few of us have started to test it. So far it is really amazing.

Here are a few features that are available :

  1. Public and Private Groups
  2. P2P and Group Messages
  3. Smartphone Audio and Video Calls for P2P
  4. Web based Audio and Video calls for Group messages
  5. A publicly search-able Room directory
  6. Decentralized and Federated (Self Hosted)
  7. Has multiple clients, Android, iOS, Web, Desktop (in development)
  8. File sharing for both P2P and Group messages
  9. Persistent Messages
  10. User name tagging.
  11. IRC integration from vector

Upcoming Features :

  1. End-to-end Encryption
  2. Other Prop integrations like Slack, etc

No Clue :

  1. No emoticons
  2. No stickers

Unknown Feature :

  1. Bots (they exist, but trying to read more on what they are and how to use them)

We are slowly moving one group at a time to vector. Here is the list of the groups that have moved to Vector.

  1. Channel for FSFTN :
  2. Channel for PyMesh :
  3. FSHM Pondicherry :

Hail FOSS :heart_eyes:


Am already in! Thanks for the invite man.


@ramaseshan Thanks for the discuss post. I too have joined Vector and yet we need to bring in more people slowly. It has nice features for it to test and FSHM is also in the list -

Let’s do it in Vector :muscle:


Thanks for letting know the Group. Lets use this thread to also update a list of the channels we have in Matrix.

I have also updated the main discussion thread to update the list. Let the list grow, along with Decentralization and Federation :slightly_smiling:


The actual thread is un-editable. Updating the list further here :

Progressive Discussions :

Open Maps :

Do feel free to join the groups that trigger your interest.


BTW, uses Google Analytics. More reason to self host. I just hope that Google Analytics is not hard coded into the Matrix server code itself.

For immediate mitigation, use NoScript and block Google Analytics javascript.


Matrix is in my to try list! I have been waiting for it to come in f-droid and it has arrived about a month back.


Adding to the List of Rooms - (Karai GLUG)