[Video] Internet Shutdown & Our Response


Last week, TN govt. had ordered ISPs to shutdown data services in 3 districts of TN (Tuticorin, Kanniyakumari & Tirunelveli) following strong protest and agitation against Sterlite Copper factory & police killing protestors.

Internet & Social networks played a crucial role in bringing out ground reality when Media channels were threatened or ordered not to telecast. I had prepared a video explaining, how we should responsd back next time when such a network black-out happens.

Youtue: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=whCfDrgexSE
PeerTube: https://peertube.mastodon.host/videos/watch/4f36a0c1-5e1e-4220-8ace-e1e81235cbe6


Call for speaker :sound::loud_sound::speaker:

This is the right time for Mesh network in Tamil Nadu because of Thoothukudi internet banned issue, people can easily understand importance of decentralized network.:bulb::bulb:

Anybody interested here to give mesh net :satellite: intro in coming weekend?
Please message me…


Following the Thoothukudi Internet Ban, we have planned to conduct a series of Sessions introducing the People to Alternative Decentralised Networks. Here’s the first one of them.

Will update on this once completed.


Here is the video recording of the above session.


@prashere Is there any option to Subscribe to our FSFTN Channel on PeerTube? I can’t find any.


I guess you need to have a mastodon account, like how you account on google for subscribing in YouTube.


Yes. I have an account in Mastodon and also in Peertube. I went to FSFTN Channel and tried to subscribe. But I can’t find any option there :frowning: