Walk-A-Thon At Chennai


We are organizing a Walk-A-Thon supporting Net Neutrality at Chennai.

Much has been spoken and done online. Let us now take our efforts offline.

Many internet users are not noticing the Net Neutrality issue either
because they don’t understand what Net Neutrality is or they don’t think
it’s a serious problem for the average internet user.

So, we have decided to conduct a Public Awareness Campaign & to take the
message of Net Neutrality to the streets.

Venue: Besant Nagar Beach, ChennaiDate: April 23 - Thursday (a day before the deadline that TRAI had given us). Time: 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM

Meeting fellow Internet citizens & like-minded people who support
Net Neutrality will be an awesome experience for all of us. Join the walk-a-thon to show your support.
You can write your slogans supporting Net Neutrality on a Card board and bring it to the
event and also Posters & pamphlets will be issued to the public.

The volunteers of Free Software Hardware Movement, Puducherry and its affiliated communities in colleges are requested to join this Walk-A-Thon to show their support.

Event Invites here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1574458709469856/