We should move away from Telegram


Since FSFTN as an organization came into existence, mailing list served as a primary communication, announcement and discussion platform. As the organization started to grow in number of GLUGs and members, new requirements emerged for engaging more people.

One event after another, when more and more people were interested to volunteer for our activities, we asked them to join mailing list. But since most of new comers have already been captivated by proprietary platforms like Whatsapp, our first attempt was to bring them outside of proprietary and we ended up in favour or using Telegram Messenger.

Telegram messenger was not a complete solution, but it was the lesser evil that was convincing for those new comers to shift from a complete proprietary platform. Some of us have always tried to explain the difference between Telegram and Whatsapp beyond technical details.

With Telegram, the clients are FLOSS and the server is closed and proprietary.
With Whatsapp both clients and server are closed and proprietary.

Apart from this difference in clients and server being Proprietary (or) FLOSS, both these platforms are Centralized. Read why centralization is bad from freedom and privacy perspective. I think, now we should focus our arguments towards Centralization vs Decentralization along with Proprietary vs FOSS.

It looks like the team behind Telegram is not serious about bringing their server under FLOSS license and also they aren’t focusing on decentralization / federation and so I think, we should start moving towards platform that promotes FLOSS + Decentralization + Federation.

XMPP have been giving us all the three for a long time and still they continue to do so. We have also once tried using XMPP and failed since they don’t persist messages across sessions and federated servers.

This is why I bring Matrix into picture. Let’s move to Matrix.

Any way to secure my sharing pictures?

I support this! Why use a bad alternative when we have a proper FLOSS alternative?


Shall we add IRC into picture. ?


IRC clients also have the problem of not persisting the messages beyond sessions. Some people are working on bridging IRC + Matrix + Rocket Chat too. If that can be done, well then that’s the ultimate freedom because the users has the choice to decide which protocol, which client and which federated server to use.


I’ve been checking out Matrix a little. From what I’ve seen, it’s good. Seems to be better than XMPP. I particularly like the idea of Matrix bridges to other networks, and the way this promotes federation and decentralization.

But, then again, it doesn’t make much sense to simply start using matrix.org just because they run free software. We promote federation and decentralization only if we run our own servers. And, I don’t mean FSFTN just running a single server for everybody on their VPS. That’s a good start, but not enough. We need individuals setting up home servers and self hosting.

Unlike XMPP, Matrix even supports distributed chat rooms – that is, chat rooms are distributed across multiple servers and stay available even if some of these servers go down. So, we can still have very good availability without our individual home servers needing to have 100% uptime.


how is this different from tox




Does FSFTN have a channel yet?


A channel where ?

Adding this for 20 character long messages


On matrix/vector? I saw there was a channel for openmaps on it!



IRC should definitely be in the picture. The guys at matrix have an IRC bridge that kind of imports/mirrors the all IRC channels from freenode.


Matrix folks were running bridges for more than a year! It is very much usable now. Still in beta though.

Since we have two channels in IRC,
#FSFTN - official primary name space
##FSFTN - secondary namespace that is more like fan site. ( we can use for progressive discussions et al )

these channels are available in matrix too.
1 & 2 .

Moreover there are two native matrix groups - one for FSFTN and other for Progressive discussions available there. If you can share your username, Admins/moderators must be able to add you.


Mattermost brings all your team communication into one place, making it searchable and accessible anywhere. It is much more than an IM. It can be used with dozens of community integrations and applications, including Jira, IRC, XMPP, Hubot, Giphy, Jenkins, GitLab, Trac, Redmine, SVN, RSS/Atom and many others.
Set up is very simple too. We can just download and run the Linux binary and we can configure!! There are good desktop and mobile clients already available too.

You may refer to http://blog.deadrat.in/2016/08/21/free-decentralised-instant-messaging.html#matrix


@prashantbarca The list of channels are posted here :


Here where??
( I do not see any links here! )



A small update.

Earlier we had a problem in registering the #FSFTN channel in freenode, but everything is okay now.

Thanks to peeps at freenode, we now have the control of the channel.

So the FSFTN telegram group will be linked to #FSFTN, Progressive Discussions telegram group will be linked to #FSFTN-POL.

If you want to have a consistent connection to IRC, use bouncers, or you may access the channels via any Matrix clients as the freenode channels are bridged to matrix chatrooms.

Matrix chatroom for #FSFTN: https://vector.im/beta/#/room/#freenode_#fsftn:matrix.org
Matrix chatroom for #FSFTN-POL: https://vector.im/beta/#/room/#freenode_#fsftn-pol:matrix.org

More updates to follow soon.

What are the various platforms we use and why do we use them?