What are the various platforms we use and why do we use them?


FSFTN uses various platforms ranging from

  1. Mailing list - http://mailman.fsftn.org/mailman/listinfo/mailinglist_fsftn.org
  2. Github repo - https://github.com/FSFTN
  3. Twitter Handle - https://twitter.com/fsftamilnadu
  4. Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/fsftn
  5. Discuss place - http://discuss.fsftn.org/
  6. Kanban Board - http://plan.fsftn.org/
  7. Loomio - http://loomio.fsftn.org/
  8. IRC channel - #fsftn
  9. Telegram Groups - Many
  10. Diaspora Account - https://diasp.in/u/fsftn
  11. A possible Media WIki installation.

**Random usage of **
1)Etherpad , mopad , riseup pads on which we document loads of meetings

But, why are we using so many platforms / applications. What is the need for them? Isn’t it dissipation of energy?


1)The Kanban board . - plan.fsftn.org
A kanban board is used to organize stuffs . Basically when we are confirmed with an event we use this to list all the “tasks” to be done … Then the stuffs in progress and the done stuffs . Previously when we were quantitatively smaller group in number , we did it via face to face meetings . But , thats not time efficient . Also to have a collaborative event running (post planning ) , a kaban board helps us a lot .

We started with a propreitary platform trello https://trello.com/b/nWHo4h3m/fsftn-summer-camp-2014 for the summer camp 2014 , paralelly searching for alternatives. Later we planned to go with wekan https://wekan.io/ with a own instance .

So , this basically is a to-do …doing …done … stuff so that it helps our collaborative working after the planning is done . i.e an implementation tracking platform and a reminder platform


Another quote which might help us is from OPen street map forum

The difference between the various media lies not mainly in who
participates, but in the way results are archived and made accessible.
IRC and the lists or forums are more of a fleeting media and have a
bigger “expression of opinion” component whereas this site here is
supposed to remain factual.



Reclaimed IRC Channel .


We can primarily categorize these into three divs viz

Internal Communication & Discussion



IMHO, we can form an SIG who can handle these categories as that might help the community members to get started with these tools.
Especially for Outreach, if a specific set of Volunteers can handle it, it could be more active and help us reach more people.

edit1: I suppose that is how things are handled already.


But, why are we using so many platforms / applications. What is the need for them? Isn’t it dissipation of energy?

It probably is dissipation of energy. But Mailing list and IRC channel - #fsftn are quite indispensable.

IMO Discuss forum can be replaced by making use of [other platforms.] (Let us tweak this forum). YMMV

And with regards to outreach platforms, the more we cover, more people we might reach. Moreover those are not hosted by FSFTN.

We can manage quite effectively without Loomio and Kanban by using gitlab itself. It even includes wiki. So we can drop the idea of running a mediawiki installation.