What is up with our mailing list?


Hello everyone,

It’s unpleasant to be seeing so many emails on the list asking to unsubscribe. Is there any way we could add unsubscription URLs to the emails on the mailing list?

Such emails are cluttering our mailboxes; it would be great if there were some way to avoid these.



Our mailing list is facing some technical issues for the past one year. Hence, the unsubscription URL at the footer won’t work. In the meantime, we can add a form that the user fills to unsubscribe them without disturbing the mailing list.

Regarding the technical issues, maybe @prashere could provide more details


Right now the mailing list setup is in a messy state because of cPanel handling some redirections. I wanted to move our mailing list out of cPanel setup and the work is long-pending. The new setup would require some modern toolchain other than cPanel.

  1. Existing email archive should be backed up.
  2. Move our mailing list out of swecha’s server.
  3. Setup a SMTP and mailing list manager.
  4. Restore the backup to new machine.