Where are we using non free software and what is the way ahead?


Telegram has been personally one of my major concerns, but for group chatting the other free applications are signal, kontalk which haven’t matured yet.

To summarise, our concerns should include

  1. Group chatting apps
  2. permissible fonts in posters
  3. social media presence (Facebook, Twitter, diaspora? :smile:
  4. photo sharing ( could consider hosting media goblin?)

So pour your ideas about these points, let’s try to find the way ahead!


To begin with, can we list out a list of alternatives for each of the concerns (chat, social media, photo sharing) and then start a thread for them (and link them in this thread), where we can discuss the technical / non technical pros and cons of each of the alternatives so that we can come to a conclusion?


Also , it would be good if we have a brief background on how we chucked proprietary tools and migrated to free software platforms. Ex. Our move from trello to own instance of wekan (plan.fsftn.org) , entirely new mode of discussion - a discourse instance (discuss.fsftn.org) , collaborative decision making using a loomio instance (loomio.fsftn.org) , usage of free software tools like gimp and inkscape for designing posters , how we moved to lesser or greater evil of telegram as opposed to whatsapp . This understanding will help us devise the new migration plan taking into account our strengths and weaknesses.


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FSFTN is now at Diaspora - fsftn@diasp.in


@prashere That’s amazing!

@commons_sibi How do you classify telegram as a lesser evil?