Zoom Video Conferencing Platform is Not Safe Anymore


MHA issues Advisory on Secure use of Zoom Meeting Platform. Platform not for use by Government officers/officials for official purposes. Guidelines to safeguard private individuals who would like to use the platform for private purposes.

Important Links :-

  1. https://pib.gov.in/PressReleaseIframePage.aspx?PRID=1615008
  2. https://citizenlab.ca/2020/04/move-fast-roll-your-own-crypto-a-quick-look-at-the-confidentiality-of-zoom-meetings/
  3. https://www.theregister.co.uk/2020/04/03/dont_use_zoom_if_privacy/


Thank you for sharing this. For a few days after the government notification, people were really worried about Zoom but now most people have gone back to using Zoom. I prefer to use Jitsi and suggest that for people I know as well. While Jitsi is free software and good, many people are saying it does not work well when we have a large number of participants. I also went though this FSF blog:


I still feel there is a gap in the free software offerings for people who need reliable videoconferencing for a large number of participants. However, I would like to know what is the best alternative we can suggest for someone looking for more features than Jitsi. They might be willing to pay for paid support as well if we can suggest a free software that is better than Zoom. Is 8x8.com free software? Is there any other free software with commercial support (something like RedHat Linux, which runs on free and open source software but with paid support and assurance of reliability)? Any information you can share will really help me as I know a few people who are still trying to figure out what software to use for continued videoconferencing in the post-COVID situation.



Hi Friends,

Came across this news and wondering what it means for us:

Personally I think Zoom is a horrible service and none of us should be using it. However, I also feel the government trying to ban private use raises new problems. How are they going to prevent people from using Zoom? Are they going to filter the Internet? Will this be the beginning of the new Chinese-style Firewall of India? Would like to know your thoughts and also wondering if we should take up any advocacy on this.



FSFTN should publish a statement about this explaining its stand (whatever that may be).